Hansel and Gretel, 3D Puppet Book

Today's vintage children's book is Hansel and Gretel. This version is a 3D puppet book from Rose Art Studios in Japan. These books, which were first published in the 60's, are very unique. Actual puppets (not dolls) and sets were made for the books. The medium for making these books was called stop motion animation. Does anyone still do this type of work or is it an art form that has fallen to the wayside? 

The earlier books, like this one, has a hologram photo on the cover that makes the picture look three dimensional. Nice touch!

While I admire what was done in these books, the faces of the puppets are well, kind of scary. It's the eyes. Changing the eyes would make a huge difference, just saying...

There were 14 titles in this series called My Tiny 3-D Book Series, which you can see below.

Hansel and Gretel
Pictures by Rose Art Studios
Playmore Inc. Publishers


  1. Thank you for this post Jil!! I absolutely love this type of animation and am SO glad that you wrote a little about it. I have borrowed your picture and posted a link from my blog, hope you don't mind!

    Here's the post:


    Looking forward to reading some more of your blogs.


  2. No problem, thanks for linking to me!

  3. This was my favorite book that I owned as a child in the 70s. I would love to find another copy - I don't know what happened to the one that my sister and I shared so long ago. I'm so glad that you posted the pictures and information about this book. I'm sure my sister will enjoy seeing this as well. Thank you! :)


  4. My pleasure - I would check out ebay or amazon for a copy of this book

  5. thank you thank you very much for sharing this photoes,you have brought me back to my childhood,35 years ago!!! how soon things get too late!

  6. Glad you liked it, it's amazing how quickly time goes, isn't it?

  7. Loved this book as a kid! It was SO great to see it again...MANY THANKS!!!

  8. Your welcome, thanks for your comment!

  9. WOW!! I had a few of this type of book. Loved them!!

  10. I had this exact book when I was little! Loved it!! Can't believe I saw this here. And yes... the eyes were totally creepy! lol I wish I still had it!!

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