Chanticleer and The Fox, Barbara Cooney

Today's vintage children's book is a repost from April of 2012, a wonderfully illustrated book by Barbara Cooney. It would have to be in my top ten of children's picture books.

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Barbara Cooney was a very skilled draftsman and had a beautiful style.

The link above to Light and Shade has a good post on Barbara Cooney. I have to agree with Vincent Desjardins about Cooney's work in black and white. I think those illustrations and others with limited color schemes really showcase her skill as an artist.

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Basil of Baker Street, Paul Galdone

Today's vintage children's book is Basil of Baker Street, written by Eve Titus and  illustrated by Paul Galdone. Galdone was a prolific illustrator who collaborated with Titus on several books. Two of their books, Anatole and Anatole and the Cat won Caldecott awards. This book has sentimental value for me as well. My son who is grown, adored the Basil books as a child, reading and re-reading them.

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Basil of Baker Street
By Eve Titus
Illustrated by Paul Galdone
McGraw Hill Co., 1958


Snow, Corydon Bell

Today's vintage children's book, Snow, is chock full of information about snow and everything snow related. It also has lovely illustrations done in different shades of blue. I've always been drawn to illustrations done in limited color schemes. When they are done well, it is a testament to the artist.

By Thelma Harrington Bell
Drawings by Corydon Bell
The Viking Press, New York, 1954