Alice in Wonderland, Ralph Steadman

I read somewhere that John Tenniel's illustrations for Alice in Wonderland are among the most famous illustrations ever done. If that's the case, then illustrating Alice in Wonderland must be a daunting task for any illustrator taking on the job. Ralph Steadman's version, published in 1968, has my vote for a job well done. 

Alice's "Growing Pains"

The White Rabbit

The Caterpillar

Cheshire Cat

King and Queen of Hearts

Mad Tea Party

Pool of Tears

What I like about Ralph Steadman's illustrations, besides his technical expertise,
is how they capture the Alice in Wonderland effervescence. They convey the nonsensical, macabre, outrageous and wonderful craziness of the story, in a new way. I also liked Steadman's choice of doing the illustrations in black and white. Perhaps it was a nod to Tenniel's illustrations? 

When I first started school for Graphic Design, we were not allowed to do work in color. The reason for it? Working in black and white forces you to focus on the design, it must look good in black and white. If it doesn't, color cannot help it. 
Kudos to Ralph Steadman.

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