Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass

Today's picture book is Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. I like this mod version illustrated by Brigitte Bryan, with cover art by Don Irwin. Bryan's pen and ink illustrations are nicely composed and I like her use of texture and patterns. I also like the fact that the cover art was done by a different artist, I think it really adds a nice touch to the book/series. Don Irwin's art for this is excellent.

This particular book was part of a series put out in the late 60's and early 70's by Classic Publishing Corporation. For a full listing of the book titles in the series and more information, click here. I purchased this book at a thrift store for the hefty sum of $5. (I'm cheap.) They had a couple of other titles in the series there, but I decided to wait and see if I can find them elsewhere for less, as I'd like to get the entire series.

I wasn't able to find much information about Brigitte Bryan, but here is a link showing another book she illustrated with a bit of info on the dust jacket. For information about Don Irwin, click here. For information about the different illustrators of Alice in Wonderland, click here. Also, check out the sidebar on my blog (on the right) with more links.


The Golden Book Gown

The Golden Book Gown

Back in December 2010 I did a post on different things that were made from discarded children's books. It's interesting (and fun) to see how creative people can be. The Golden Book Gown is no exception and one to add to the list!  The gown was conceived and made by Ryan Jude Novelline. 

The bodice of the dress is made from the foil spines of Golden Books. The skirt is done with illustrations from the books and sewn together with metallic gold thread. The gown has tape backing for reinforcement. To read more about Ryan and The Golden Book Gown, click here.


Leonard Discovers Africa

Today's vintage children's book, Leonard Discovers Africa, is part of The Time Machine Series. I'm not familar with the illustrator, Barbara Robinson, but I like her work. Other books in the series are: Leonard Visits Space, Leonard Visits the Ocean Floor, Leonard Discovers America, Leonard Visits Dinosaur Land, Leonard Visits Sitting Bull, Leonard Goes to the Olympics and Leonard Equals Einstein.

Leonard Discovers Africa
By Gene Darby
Illustrated by Barbara Robinson
Harr Wagner Publishing Co., 1967


Pet Show, Illustrated by Ezra Jack Keats

On a recent book outing I found Pet Show! by Ezra Jack Keats. I like how painterly his illustrations are in this book. I also like Keat's additions of paper, fabric, crayon etc. to his art work. Keats use of color is always interesting. If I find a book by him when I'm out hunting, I snap it up. Keats was a good artist and I really like his style. So enough about how much Ezra Jack Keats floats my artistic boat and on to the book!

Pet Show!
Ezra Jack Keats
The MacMillan Co.,1972