Vintage Childrens Book: The Nest Book

Today's vintage children's book, The Nest Book, is from 1968 and was written by Kathleen N. Daly and illustrated by Jan Pfloog. Pfloog, (who I don't have any info on at this time) had some serious illustrating skills. It's puzzling to me how information on someone who illustrated many children's books cannot be found on the internet! 

The Nest Book
By Kathleen N. Daly
Pictures by Jan Pfloog
Golden Press, New York, 1968


Vintage Childrens Book: Bring in the Pumpkins, Dahlov Ipcar

Today's vintage children's book Bring in the Pumpkins was originally titled Hard Scrabble Harvest. I think the first title more accurately depicts the story of
a farmer and his wife who struggle to protect their crops from birds and beasts, as they plant, raise and harvest their crops. 

Nice composition on the title pages!

I like all the patterns and repetitions in Ipcar's illustrations.

Bring in the Pumpkins
Written and Illustrated by Dahlov Ipcar

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