Vintage Children's Book: How Animals Sleep, illustrated by Jack Keats

I feel like a curmudgeon for saying this, but what is happening with girl's toys and play costumes? Everything is pink, glitter and bling. I understand many little girls of a certain age love the color pink and go through a princess stage. But it looks to me like a rather disproportionate number of girls toys are promoting limited ideals for girls: be a princess, rock star or a celebrity. 

Where is this all going? I don't know. It would take up too much time and space on this post and I'm sure you don't want to read it. But I do like books like this one illustrated by Jack Keats - How Animals Sleep. It's interesting and real life. There. Off my podium. Nuff said.

How Animals Sleep
By Millicent Selsam
Illustrated by Ezra Jack Keats
Scholastic Book Services, 1962


Vintage Children's Book: Once A Mouse..., Marcia Brown

 Today's vintage children's books is Once A Mouse..., illustrated in woodcuts by Marcia Brown. Once A Mouse is an old fable from India about a mouse rescued
by a hermit with magical powers. The moral is about greed and where that can get you...

Once A Mouse...
A Fable Cut in Wood
By Marcia Brown
Charles Scribner's Sons, 1961


Vintage Children's Book: Mother Goose Remembers illustrated by Clare Beaton, Textile Art in Vintage Children's Picture Books

I'm a big fan of Textile art in children's picture books. These type of illustrations comprise a small percentage of children's books, which makes them even more special. 

One artist who does this type of work is Clare Beaton. Beaton, who says she has always had a love of Folk Art, handstitches her illustrations. She works with felt and vintage buttons, trims and fabrics to create her textile art.

It seems redundant to say so, but make sure to click on the pictures so you can see them full size. I size the images larger so you can see all the detail and appreciate the details.


Awhile back I did a post back on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs illustrated by Textile artist Belinda Downes. This is one of my favorite illustrations in the book, love that curving row of beds!

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Salley Mavor's unique talent and skill is immediately evident the first time you
open one of her many books. I enjoy looking at this book, it is a pleasure and
inspiration, just so well done.

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Jeannie Baker's Polar is another book I blogged about with textile art illustrations. I think the sweet charm of this book would be especially appealing to little children. Her work has evolved and changed much since this book.

On another note, I haven't posted as much lately, due to working and personal matters. I hope to change this before too long and settle into a routine with more regular posting. So please bear with me, I'm not giving up the ship, just on a bit of a detour!