Carl Larrson

Self Portrait, 1915

I came across the gorgeous work of Swedish artist Carl Larrson (1853 - 1919)  and would like to share it with you. But to talk about Larrson one also has to talk about his wife, Karin, as their art was intermingled. Carl's muse and models were his wife, eight children, their house and home life. Their home was a joint undertaking, one they were extremely proud of and is still in existence today.

They chose to make their rooms light and airy with simple light furniture at a time when the proper Swedish house had dark ornate furniture. They used colors like red and green in the children's room, colors that were unheard of at the time. Karin herself wove tapestries and draperies for their home. Their style went on to become what is considered quintessential Swedish interior design.

They were unconventional in other ways also; like eating meals with their children or socializing with company for a long time at the dinner table after a meal.

In this painting Carl shows his children very naturally, it was unheard of at that time to do paintings like this.

In this painting titled, My Loved Ones, shows Karin, four of their children and a family dog.

Lisbeth Fishing

I'm sorry, I don't have names for many of the paintings as the titles were in Swedish. I think the Larrson's are very interesting. Carl and Karin were very modern for their time. They had a huge influence on Swedish design. Carl's work is phenomenal. I should like to find a book to read more about them.

There is a lovely and interesting website, to go to the official website for Carl and Karin Larrson, click here.


  1. I know I've seen some of his art work before and I love it. I'll definitely look them up!

  2. My grandmother has done studies of several of these paintings as she practices her watercolor technique. I never really knew who the original artist was, but love them...

  3. I know this is an old post, but you should read Carl and Karin Larsson, Creators of the Swedish Style, ed. by Michael Snodin and Elisabet Stavenow-Hidemark. I also recommend Carl Larsson's book, A Home, text by Lennart Rudstrom. You can visit his home, Lilla Hyttnas, and it looks exactly as the above photos show it. The paintings above are Mother's and the Little Girls' Room, The Flower Window, The Lazing Corner, Breakfast under the Big Birch, and Crayfishing, respectively. I don't know the last one, but I think that is baby Suzanne.

  4. I think both those books would be good reads. I would love to be able to go to Sweden and see their home!