Did You Get Enough Summer?

Summer is waning. It won't be long and cooler Fall temperatures will be here. I'll have to put my shorts and flip flops away and start wearing socks again. While Fall is a season I do love, the question is did I make the most of this Summer, enjoying all of Summer's goodness? Well, no. In part because it was a Summer of working, working, working and me being a lazy slacker the rest of the time. I did drink ice tea and lemonade while I lazed, which is very summerish.

Remember all the things you couldn't wait to do when you were a kid? All the hallmarks of Summer like swimming, camping, going to the fair? Now I'm too lazy to do them, but I can still enjoy them, vicariously. I'm sure you can guess where this is leading. : > )

The Golden Book of Camping and Camp Crafts

Norman Rockwell "Kids Eating Corn"

How about you? Did you get enough Summer? There's still some time left to get in a last few rites of Summer!