Vintage Library Posters

The kids are back in school and so begins the homework and carting of backpacks bulging with books. I seriously question that - can't imagine that there won't be back problems down the road.

Every so often I like to google vintage library posters. I appreciate all the different creative approaches. They're inspiring, fun to look at and a good reminder of how important it is to read.



image via Laughing Squid

images via Brain Pickings

Back in the old pre-computer days, this was the only way to get information. I remember being taught in school how to find information, what resources were best etc. for all those book reports and papers. How things have changed! I'm glad I learned that, but it is quite convenient to have technology at our finger tips.


Did You Get Enough Summer?

Summer is waning. It won't be long and cooler Fall temperatures will be here. I'll have to put my shorts and flip flops away and start wearing socks again. While Fall is a season I do love, the question is did I make the most of this Summer, enjoying all of Summer's goodness? Well, no. In part because it was a Summer of working, working, working and me being a lazy slacker the rest of the time. I did drink ice tea and lemonade while I lazed, which is very summerish.

Remember all the things you couldn't wait to do when you were a kid? All the hallmarks of Summer like swimming, camping, going to the fair? Now I'm too lazy to do them, but I can still enjoy them, vicariously. I'm sure you can guess where this is leading. : > )

The Golden Book of Camping and Camp Crafts

Norman Rockwell "Kids Eating Corn"

How about you? Did you get enough Summer? There's still some time left to get in a last few rites of Summer!


April Showers Bring May Flowers...

There seems to be some discrepancy as to when the rhyme was first penned
by farmer and poet Thomas Tusser "Sweet April Showers Do Spring May Flowers." Some accounts say 1500's, others 1600's or 1800's. Whenever it was
written, it has surely stuck and been modified along the way to just "April Showers bring May Flowers." 

In searching for vintage children's books about flowers, I was struck by how lovely the antique books were. I thought about young children of long ago looking at these beautifully illustrated books and how they would have informed young minds, fueled their imaginations and provided exposure to fine art.

Flower Fairy by Cicely Mary Barker
image via duermevela

Daffodil Fairy by Cicely Mary Barker

May Day
image via lululetty

Little Flower Folks

The Alphabet of Flowers and Fruit, 1856

The Alphabet of Flowers and Fruit, 1856

The Alphabet of Flowers and Fruit,1856
image via Letterology

Chasing the Green Faerie, 1925
Image via Bohemian Wornest

Beautiful Flowers of the Months, 1918
image via Terri 

Almanack for 1890, Kate Greenaway

Gertie's Sun Flower
image via I am a Child