Four-Leaf Clover, Will and Nicolas

I occasionally buy vintage textbooks if I like the illustrations or graphics in them. It can be a way to find an illustrator's early work. I bought this textbook, Gingerbread, part of the Field Literature Program, because one of the stories is illustrated by Will and Nicholas.

Textbook Cover

I think this is so sweet, a nice touch to show young boys holding hands.

To go to my previous post on another book by Will and Nicolas, Finders Keepers - one of my favorite books, click here. To read a very interesting story about Will and Nicolas by Collecting Children's Books, click here. To read more about Nicolas and Will, click here.

Field Literature Program
Field Educational Publications, 1971

Four-Leaf Clover (condensed)
By Will and Nicolas
Copyright 1959
Reprinted by permission of Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc.

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