One Wide River To Cross, Ed Emberley

Today's vintage children's book is One Wide River to Cross. I found it yesterday at a library book sale and liked it immediately. Great and groovy illustrations by Ed Emberley, looks to me like woodcuts. I like how every page is a different color, my scans show just a few of the colors, and the rainbow over the ark at the end. Emberley has a fun website that you can go to here.

One Wide River To Cross
Adapted by Barbara Emberley
Illustrated by Ed Emberley
Prentice-Hall Inc., 1966


  1. I LOVE Ed Emberly! I still have a couple of his drawing books from childhood. I had no idea he was an illustrator. (But that makes total sense.)

  2. Great find! Ed Emberly books are hard to come by...unless you're looking for "Go Away, Big Green Monster!"

  3. My mother-in-law found this at her library booksale! It must be the year to purge this book. Wanted to let you know the dust jacket on mine says, "Mr. Emberley printed these woodcuts on his own press. Each figure or small grouping was cut on a separate block of wood. As many as 57 impressions had to be made on one piece of rice paper."