Brian Wildsmith's ABC Book

Today's vintage children's book is Brian Wildsmith's ABC from 1963, a wonderful book for children to learn from and a visual treat for all. Just showing the illustrations here, it's nice to see the type with the illustrations but my scanner is small and I think we all know how to spell. I really like Brian Wildsmith's work and probably have said that in every post, but I do, I do, I do. So without further adieu, on to the illustrations.

Brian Wildsmith's ABC has a list of accolades and awards. It was chosen by the American Library Association as one of their outstanding books in 1963; by the New York Public Library for exhibit and listing in its 1963 booklet, Children's Books Suggested as Holiday Gifts; and by The New York Times Book Review's "Ten Best Illustrated Books of 1963." It was also specially exhibited by the Library of Congress. This book also received the Kate Greenaway Award in 1963, Great Britain's equivalent of the Caldecott Medal. 

To go to Brian Wildsmith's website, click here. To go to the Brian Wildsmith Museum of Art (which is in Japan), click here.To read previous posts on Wildsmith click here or here or to my favorite one, click here. The Owl and the Woodpecker was one of my first postings, so please take pity on my poor blogging and spacing skills. 


  1. Oh, I like it, too! The chicken is perfect and looks so familiar!

  2. The chicken is great, I really like it too