Finders Keepers, Nicolas Mordvinoff

Today's vintage children's book, Finders Keepers, is one of many collaborations between author William Lipkind and artist Nicolas Mordvinoff. In 1952 Mordvinoff won a Caldecott Medal for his illustrations in Finders Keepers. Born in Russia in 1911, Mordvinoff worked under the name of Nicolas or Nicholas. William Lipkind was born in 1904 in New York City and worked under the name Will.

This title page spread is my favorite. Don't you love how these illustrations were done. I really like how Mordvinoff kept the four color scheme fresh by switching the colors around and not using them the same way or using them all on each page.

Finders Keepers
By Will and Nicolas
Harcourt, Brace and World, Inc., 1951


  1. I've always loved these two, imagining them as domestic partners somewhere, blissed out on their craft....

  2. I wasn't aware of them before this post, they did really good work together.

  3. I got "The Little Tiny Rooster" from B. Streetman in a box of booky goodness giveaway. I was glad to find this title last year at a booksale. Great pictures!