The Dragon Who Liked to Spit Fire, Judy Varga

Today's vintage children's book comes recommended by someone very important to me, my grandson. Grayson, who is six, is with me a couple days a week this summer. Yesterday we decided to do a book review together. 

Grayson liked The Dragon Who Liked to Spit Fire and also liked anticipating what was going to happen as we read it. The illustrations by Judy Varga are fun and charming, the purple and orange color scheme is funky. It's interesting, when I asked Grayson what his favorite illustration was in the book, he picked a black/white one - sophisticated choice!

The Dragon Who Liked to Spit Fire
Story and Pictures by Judy Varga
William Morrow and Company, 1961

This is the illustration that Grayson liked, there's a lot of action going on here.

Here's Grayson, giving this book a thumbs up!

I will be back posting next week, taking a little time off for fun and work. We're moving one of my daughter's this week, looks like we get to do it in 90 degree weather.

Happy Fourth of July!


  1. Oh, I so envy having a young one to share books with, there is nothing better. Having my children close by and reading to them was one of my favorite things to do as a mom. Love to see Grayson letting us all know how he feels about the book you shared...I will be looking for it now in my travels.

  2. Thanks suzieQ for your sweet comment!

  3. I love the orange and purple palette — and I really like your blog, which I've just discovered!!