Polar by Elaine Moss, Pictures by Jeannie Baker, Greenwillow Books, 1990

Jeannie Baker's artwork, which she calls relief collage, illustrates the story of Polar. This story is about a stuffed polar bear who wishes he could live where it was cold. After seeing a white scarf draped over the dresser, he decides it is a hillside covered in snow. Polar then makes a sled out of a box and some books. He has fun sledding until he decides to stand up in the sled. Then Polar gets knocked out cold and lands in the hospital.

I like the illustration of Pam-Pam and Jack using an encyclopedia as a stretcher for Polar. The clothes on the penguins and seals are fun, love those plaid pants. I also like her creation of Polar the bear.  Detractions in the book are the eyes on the other characters, especially Tiger who doesn't have pupils. 

Jeannie Baker's career in illustration began in 1975 with Polar. Since Polar she has illustrated and written her own books. Over the years Jeannie has honed her craft and her work is exceptional. My next posting will be another book of Jeannie's so that you can see this. Jeannie now refers to her art as miniature collage construction. Many of her books are ecology themed and she has won many awards in Australia where she lives. Other books by Jeannie Baker: Mirror (2010), The Hidden Forest (2000), The Story of Rosy Dock (1995), Window (1991), Where the Forest Meets the Sea (1988), Home in the Sky (1984), One Hungry Spider (1982), Millicent (1980), Grandfather (1977), Grandmother (1978), Belonging (2004) and Home (2004). 

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