Lovely Book Covers

While it's true you can't judge a book by it's cover, it's often the very thing that draws us in. 

It could be lovely patterns or designs that beckon us.

image via Miss Beatrix

Little Forest, image via meedchen

image via Ruby Lane

image via Happiness Is

Even if it's in another language and we can't read it, good design is always good design.

Images via 50 Watts

Russian Children's book, image via SPACE IN TEXT

Beautiful illustrations don't hurt either.

image via Letterology

image via gin 'n' bird

image via Pinterest

image via vintage ephemera 

Curious subjects can also pique our interest.

image via Pinterest

image via Pinterest

image via tweedlebopper

Some books take us back to our youth.

image via Pinterest

image via Pinterest

image via Pinterest

image via Pinterest

I loved Pippi Longstocking as a child!

image via etsy

image via Pinterest

The Boxcar Children was another personal favorite :>).

Whatever draws us in, books are clearly one of life's simple pleasures and enjoyable pastimes.


  1. Just gorgeous!!! I recently picked up a pair of French textbooks. Something I normally wouldn't buy and foreign language books typically don't sell well in my Etsy store. But I had to have these because of the ultra cool Mid century covers. I think they will sell quickly! I fell in love with them because of the covers.