Aesop's Fables, Helen Siegl

Since I have printmaking on the brain, I'm showing Aesop's Fables with woodcut illustrations done by Helen Siegl. Helen (1924-2009) was born in Vienna, Austria. There Siegl studied architecture and design. Her deep interest in printmaking grew out of her visits to the Albertina museum and it's great collection of prints. 

In 1952 Helen moved to Montreal, Canada and married Theodor Siegl. They later moved to Philadelphia after Theodor was appointed Conservator of Paintings for the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Together Helen and Theodor had eight children. (I find it remarkable that anyone could juggle a large family with a career in art.)

Siegl was well known for her innovative printmaking techniques, often combining linocut, woodcut, etching or plastic block in her work. She won numerous recognitions for her work. 

To read more about Helen Siegel, click here. To go to her website where unfortunately the links don't work, click here. 

Aesop's Fables
Retold by Anne Terry White
Illustrated by Helen Siegl
Random House, 1964

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