The Lazy Bear, Brian Wildsmith

I always love me some illustrations by Brian Wildsmith! His work is exuberant,
expressive and loaded with glorious color - a perfect formula for a children's picture book. I just bought this book, The Lazy Bear, at Goodwill. A small corner of the book is cut off for some reason, but I bought it anyway as I didn't have it and couldn't pass it up. The Lazy Bear must have been written by Wildsmith too, as I don't see any other credits in the book.

To visit Brian Wildsmith's website, which is as exuberant as his work, click here.

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The Lazy Bear
Brian Wildsmith
Franklin Watts, Inc., 1974


  1. Hello Jil, I love children's picture books and collect the many artists that inspire me. I wanted to subscribe to your Blog but could not find a way to do so--I saw only the link to subscribe to the comments on individual posts.

  2. Hi Cathy,

    Just scroll down to FOLLOWERS on the right, there is a link that says "join this site", click on that and it will tell you what to do. Thanks for visiting and even more, thanks for your interest!


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  4. I just read about this one on the jacket of "Python's Party". It looks and sounds like a wonderful book. I haven't seen a Brian Wildsmith that I didn't like yet.

  5. I agree, never seen a Brian Wildsmith book that I haven't liked either.