The River Queen, Peter Burchard

Today's vintage children's book is The River Queen, with stellar illustrations by Peter Burchard. This is one of those books where the artist has done so much with a limited color scheme. In this case I think it has made the book very striking. Not a lot of information about Peter Burchard that I can find, but here is one link at Wikipedia.

I like this illustration, feels like someone Burchard knew personally. Also like the tattoo - might steal this idea on a smaller scale. My four children (who are not children, range in age from 17-29) and I are going to get a tattoo to commemorate my father who passed away at the end of the summer. He served our country in the Navy very proudly. If you knew my dad, you knew he was in the Navy. It was an experience he carried with him and talked about all his life. 

Gorgeous work!

The River Queen
Written and Illustrated by Peter Burchard
The MacMillan Co., New York, 1957 

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