Brian Wildsmith From A to Z

Today I'm showing some teaching cards illustrated by the wildly talented, 
Brian Wildsmith. The cards were a little wide for my scanner, so a few of the illustrations are cut off a bit. We have the letters A-L today and tomorrow I will try to scan the rest to show you. Enjoy!

Brian Wildsmith From A to Z - Teaching Cards
Illustrations copyright 1974 by Brian Wildsmith
Text copyright 1974 by Franklin Watts, Inc.


  1. He's the bee's knees and the cat's meow!

  2. I love Brian Wildsmith! It is very unfortunate that the letter "I" pictures an Indian. It's just as bad as "J" is for "Jew," or "B" is for "Baptist." It's absurd. For this reason, I would substitute that letter with another one when using such material with children. Thank you for highlighting his unique illustrations! He is the bees knees :D

  3. I love Brian Wildsmith! His alphabet is awesome. I am writing about him and his books on my blog to pass on his good work and his wonderful books. The artwork grabs the kids in every time.
    Chris Q
    Mrs Quimby reads

  4. Hello, I am looking for some of these cards for my son's kindergarten classroom. They have the whole set except for the Ii and Ww. Does anyone know where I can get them (I appreciate the above post about the Indian for I so if there is another one. . . ).

  5. Rick - You might try ebay or etsy to find these cards, they are great.

    I agree, but I will say that the Indian was beautifully done and portrays someone who looks to be proud of their heritage.

  6. Your idea is beautiful. I use your picture of clown for my students that draw characters like Picasso's Arlecchino.