Brian Wildsmith From A to Z, Part 2

Here are a few more of Brian Wildsmith's ABC cards. I'll try to get the rest done by tomorrow. I also discovered that I have 20 more cards that have animals with their names on them, different from the ABC ones. I will save them for a future posting.

Aren't these great? That man sure knows his way around a paintbrush.

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  1. Love this (and everything that Brian Wildsmith has ever done)!

  2. Hi
    thank so much for share this wonderful art... i always enjoy the children art...this make me feel nostalgic and pure, i remember my work notebooks when i'm in kinder that my mother makes, with a lot of illustrations like this...i'm illustrator too...many thanks

  3. Thanks Feliuzz for your comments, I'm so glad that you like the post.

  4. As Laura says, what's not to like about Brian Wildsmith?! Thanks for posting these, Jil