The Big Book of Animal Stories, Janusz Grabianski

I think I'm in love with the art of Janusz Grabianski. Grabianski (1929-1976) was a polish artist who illustrated many children's books. He had not been on my radar until now, but it's always exciting to come across unfamiliar artists whose work wows you.  I adore his colorful and expressive illustrations and the way you can see his brush strokes. He definitely had a creative mojo going on.

The Big Book of Animal Stories
Compiled and Edited by Margaret Green
Pictures by Janusz Grabianski
Franklin Watts, Inc., 1961

Here are a few links to go to see more of this great artist's work.
Only one of these is in English and that is Hiving Out. But you can still look at all the wonderful illustrations.

Lot's of images on this site, don't miss it:

Great cat illustrations on this one:

This is a Japanese site that sells some of Grabianski's books:

Hiving Out blog did a post on Grabianski:


  1. Thanks for all the links. I have been planning a post on Grabianski too. His work is so beautiful and lively!

  2. Glad you liked it. Grabianski's work is very appealing. Like your blog, animalarium - have become a follower.