Tell me some more, Fritz Siebel

Today's vintage children's book is Tell me some more.. This "I CAN READ" book promotes reading, imagination and libraries. No argument from me. Siebel also illustrated some well known children's books - the Amelia Bedelia books and A Fly Went By amongst other children's books.

Tell me some more..
Story by Crosby Newell Bonsall
Pictures by Fritz Siebel
Harpers and Row, Inc., 1961

Leif Peng did a nice post on Fritz Siebel in March 2009, you can view it at his blog, Today's Inspiration


  1. I LOVED this book as a child. i recently acquired a copy at a book sale, and it was like magic to see all the images again. I could recall every single detail.

  2. It's such a well drawn book. So glad I could share something that had such special memories for you.

  3. As a little girl my grandpapi will read to me, as well as to my mother when she was a toddler. Iove this book,because if it i feel is the reason i love books and visualize as i read!