Childcraft, The How and Why Library

Today's vintage children's book is Volume 12 of the Childcraft Library. My set of Childcraft, The How and Why Library, is a 1972 edition. It was published by the Field Enterprises Educational Corporation. Books like these can have a wealth of
illustrations and I love looking at them.

Illustration by Herb Kane from "Colors Can Talk"

Design by Suzi Hawes, Photography by E.F. Hoppe, 
Mind Your P's and Q's, from "Colors Can Talk"

Illustration by Robert Borja, from "Shapes From A-Z"

Illustration by Carl Yates, from "Shapes From A-Z"

Photos by Don Stebbing, Illustrations by Joe Rogers from "Colors Can Talk"

Art by Joyce John, The Case of the Missing Hot Dog
from "Things That Go Together"

Art by Robert Addison, from "Materials Can Talk"

Art by Harry Olson, from "Seeing Is Believing?"

Art by Herb Kane, from "Clothes and Trimmings"

Art by David Cunningham, from "Seeing Is Believing?"


  1. Love it! So you have an entire set of Childcraft? I have just one volume that I picked up at a used book sale - I did a post about it - it's a book of poetry and it has such good illustrations too!

  2. So glad you like it. I do have a entire set that I found at a thrift store.

  3. Oh man, I love the Child craft series of books. We have a few of the same vintage that we picked up from an opportunity shop in the country. They are packed with beautiful illustrations and they have a sense of adventure and nostalgia about them that takes me back to being a kid. But best of all, they are loaded with cools stuff to do with our boys:)

  4. Thanks for your comment, they are cool books!