Alexander and the Magic Mouse, Philippe Fix

Today's vintage children's picture book is another goodie illustrated by Philippe Fix, whose lush and highly detailed illustrations enhance Alexander and the Magic Mouse. I can't imagine any child not wanting to read a book about a older woman who keeps house with an alligator from China, a yak, a Brindle London Squatting cat and a Magical Mouse! 

Great vantage point on the above illustration. To view a previous posting I did on The Book of Giant Stories, illustrated by Philippe Fix, click here. There is a little bit of information about Fix, all I've been able to find to date. 

Alexander and the Magic Mouse
By Martha Sanders
Pictures by Philippe Fix
American Heritage Press, 1969
Weekly Reader Children's Book Club Edition

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  1. This is one of my favorite childhood books, and I still keep it on my shelf ready to read. All you said is true-the richness of illustrations, Fix's use of perspective, the story itself. Thank you for sharing this treasure!