Vintage Southwestern Children's Books

No, I didn't get Western boots when I was in New Mexico. Even more sad - I didn't have time to pursue any vintage children's books there. I saw a reproduction of a vintage children's book about a coyote at a museum and now I'm kicking myself for not getting it. I balked at the $12 price tag for a smaller softcover book. It was well drawn by the illustrator whose name I can't remember nor the name of the book. A quick search hasn't yielded results.
But I'll continue looking. 

Meanwhile, I did a search on vintage Southwestern children's books and came up with several images that I hope you will like. I can't guarantee that they are all Southwestern, as I discovered in my search that there is a publishing company called Southwestern, which made my search a little trickier.

image via COLD SPLINTERS, illustration by Peter Parnall

image via smartypants009, illustrations by M.K. Scott

image via Vintage-Books

Taos is a lovely place to visit, they say it is like Santa Fe was 30 years ago. I think Mabel Dodge Luhan was a friend to Georgia O'Keefe. We went to the Georgia O'Keefe Museum in Santa Fe. I think O'Keefe was an interesting and unique person, especially for her time.

image via VintageWoods, illustrated by Maurice Sendak

image via yotman1

image via Ruby Lane

 Illustrated by Arnie Kohn and Robert Meyers

image via bestmediadeal

image via STAG, illustrated by M. Sasek

image via yotman1

image via Imbcorgi

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