Randi Lives in Norway

"And so I write the way I myself would like the book to be – if I were a child. I write for the child within me."  - Astrid Lindgren

Today's vintage children's book, Randi Lives in Norway, was one of a series of books about children all over the world. Written by Astrid Lindgren, an author many people recognize, Lindgren rose to fame with Pippi Longstocking. (One of my favorite childhood books) To read about Astrid Lindgren, go to the website here. It is quite comprehensive and well worth viewing. 

Isn't she cute?

Anna Riwkin-Brick, born in Russia in 1908, grew up and made her career in Sweden. Best remembered for her photographic books about children in different countries, her collaboration with Astrid Lindgren began with Noriko-San: Girl of Japan (1956) and continued with My Swedish Cousins (1959), Circus Child (1960), to name a few.

In 1958, the New York Herald-Tribune’s Spring Festival Award was presented as a joint prize to Anna Riwkin and Astrid Lindgren for the book Sia lives on Kilimanjaro. That was the first time this prize had been won by a photographic picture book. Anna Riwkin died in Israel in 1970.

Gerda Lives in Norway
Randi Lives in Norway (American Title)
By Astrid Lindgren
Photographed by Anna Riwkin-Brick
MacMillan Co., 1966 

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