Mommy Buy Me a China Doll, Margot Zemach

Today's vintage children's book is Mommy, Buy Me a China Doll, illustrated by Margot Zemach. This story is about a girl named Eliza Lou who badly wants a china doll. In thinking of ways that the family could afford one, family members and animals are displaced from their beds. Eliza comes up with creative solutions as to how this can work.

Mommy, Buy Me A China Doll
Adapted from an Ozark children's song by Harve Zemach
Pictures by Margot Zemach
Farrar Straus Giroux, 1975

Nice illustrations by in this book, like the layering of color, the rustic reds and browns and gentle use of humor. I'm sure this song harkens back to a day when times were hard in the Ozarks and people didn't have much. A china doll would have been something most little girls could only dream about. Zemach's illustrations don't convey hardship, but show a simple time and loving family.

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