A Child's Christmas in Wales, Illustrated by Fritz Eichenberg

Here's another book illustrated by the great Fritz EichenbergA Child's Christmas in Wales has five full page wood engravings done by Eichenberg, all top notch. Love it. The story, written by Dylan Thomas, who is considered one of the greatest poets and storytellers of the twentieth century. In it Thomas recalls the Christmas of his youth in Wales. A good read for this time of year.

A Child's Christmas in Wales 
By Dylan Thomas
Illustrations by Fritz Eichenberg 
A New Directions Book, 1969


  1. The woodcut art is cool. It creates a feeling of fantastical. More woodcuts please!

  2. Thank you for this blog! I was looking for an image from Fritz Eichenberg's illustration of A Child's Christmas in Wales and ended up here and cannot wait to explore.