A Child's World of Stamps by Mildred Dupree

Today's vintage children's book, A Child's World of Stamps, is a repost from 2011. I love this book with it's fun facts and pictures of mini works of art/graphic design (stamps) from around the world. 

The accompanying text has stories, poems and customs with interesting and fun facts.  For example:  "In 1840 the world's first postage stamp was issued in England. It cost one penny and became known as the Penny Black."  "The camel is the ship of the desert."  "Kangaroos like the rain. They often leap for joy during a rainstorm."  "Eskimo is the Indian word for "eater of raw meat."  "Japan, which means "source of the sun," is a chain of islands in the Pacific, where cherry blossoms, ancient shrines and festival kimonos contrast with modern factories and high-speed trains." I love this stuff.

What a great hobby for kids and adults!

A Child's World of Stamps
By Mildred Dupree
Stories Poems Fun and Facts From Many Lands
Parents Magazine Press, 1973


  1. Hi Jil, sending link to my friend Tam who makes the most beautiful things (and loves) vintage stamps. Shell love this book. I hope you're well x

  2. This book is fantastic, how nice the different stamps.

  3. Kylie was right, I do love stamps :) This looks like a really interesting book, and full of gorgeous stamps...and vintage too, just as I like them :) My favourites from this selection would be Aunt Luce sat on a Goose and the Fox and the Raven. Thanks for sharing. Tamara x

  4. Thanks Kylie for passing it along, hope you're fine as well.

  5. Silvia - I agree and thanks for your comment.

  6. It was the books that taught me the basics of web design and it is thanks to them that I now work with an excellent team - ramotion