In The Heart, Ann Turner, Salley Mavor

Textile art and children's books seem like a natural combination, but for some reason this medium comprises a smaller percentage of children's picture books. Salley Mavor's artwork in In The Heart takes this medium to a high standard.  A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Salley learned how to sew as a child and has been developing her fabric relief technique since then. Her illustrations seem to combine woolwork, fabric relief, stumpwork, found objects, creativity and inventiveness. 

Salley's pictures are a pleasure to look at. Her work is inspirational to those who enjoy textile art. Looking at her illustrations is enough to make you get your needles and scissors out.

In The Heart
By Ann Turner
Illustrations by Salley Mavor
Harper Collins, 2001

Other books illustrated by Salley Mavor: The Way Home (1991), Come to My Party (1993), Mary Had a Little Lamb (1995), You And Me (1997), The Hollyhock Wall (1999), Felt Wee Folk (2003), Hey Diddle Diddle (2005), Jack and Jill (2006), Wee Willie Winkie (2006) and Pocketful of Posies (2010).

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