Whales, Whalers and Whaling Art

This past winter I went on a reading jag. One of the books I read was by Nathaniel Philbrick called Revenge of the Whale. Although this book was adapted for young people from In The Heart of The Sea, A New York Times Best Seller, and longer version of the book. I wouldn't recommend this book for anyone younger than 13, some of the subject matter is very gruesome.

Revenge of the Whale is a true story about one of the most well known maritime disasters of the 19th century - the sinking of the Whaleship Essex by an enraged sperm whale in 1821. It was this horrific event that inspired Herman Melville to write Moby-Dick.

I've never read Moby Dick, but have seen it in movie form, one with actor Gregory Peck and the other with William Hurt. (Seeing photos from the two different movies makes me want to watch them again.)

Actor Gregory Peck, image via ferdy on films

image via The Laverytory

I think my interest in whaling days sparked when I posted a book here called Whaling Days, written by Carol Carrick and illustrated by David Frampon. 

I hope to rescan this book, was having trouble with my scanner at the time and the images are a little washed out. To view this post click here.

Beneath the Sea, illustrated by Rockwell Kent

Whales are truly majestic creatures.

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