The Twelve Days of Christmas, Brian Wildsmith

Today's vintage children's Christmas book, The Twelve Days of Christmas, is
from 1972. This classic Christmas song is ramped up with Brian Wildsmith's colorful and exuberant illustrations.

The Twelve Days of Christmas
Illustrated by Brian Wildsmith
Originally published Oxford University Press, 1972
This edition published by The Millbrook Press, 1995


  1. Just beautiful---and I don't usually think of work from that period as especially attractive. But this is lovely. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Brian Wildsmith is a favorite artist of mine and I'm glad you liked it. There are many good children's books with great art in them from the 70's. A few artists that did work in that era that come to mind are Brinton Turkle, Trina Schart Hyman, Leonard Weisgard and John Burmingham. But there are many many more.

  3. It's interesting how so many things are revamped so often for children. We all look for different way to share Christmas stories with our kids. For example, look at how many Christmas Carol movies there are- Scrooged, Muppet's Christmas Carol, Christmas Carol (Jim Carey.) And those are just a couple! It helps that that is a timeless tale.