A Country Wedding, Illustrated by Victor Ambrus

Hungarian born artist Victor Ambrus has had a long, varied and prolific career. He has illustrated or taken part in over 300 books, among other work. I really like his illustrations in A Country Wedding, not only for his line work, but also for the mood and essence that is captured in the characters of the story. The story centers around Bandi the wolf and Zoli the fox. These two characters crash a wedding in hopes of getting a free meal, but get more than they bargained for after they're caught and have to sing and dance for their supper.

I first became aware of Victor Ambrus when I was going to school for Graphic Design. While taking a figure drawing class, my teacher gave a slide presentation of different artist's work whom he respected, Victor Ambrus included. I bought a book by Ambrus, How to Draw Human Figures, as it was one of the books that was recommended by our teacher and I still have it.

A Country Wedding
Victor G. Ambrus
Addison-Wesley, 1975

To read about Victor Ambrus click here. To see other images of his work, click here.

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