The Woodcuts of Ed Emberley

Ed Emberley started illustrating children's books in the early 60's. He is well know for his drawing books, which some people claim sparked their interest in drawing. Emberley has written and illustrated over 80 children's books, of which some are drawing books and some are picture books. Woodcuts are not his main media, but in keeping with our woodcut theme of the last week I am showing a few of his books illustrated in that media. I really like Emberley's style, I think he's an American treasure. 

All Drummer Hoff images via BisforBook

Above images from One Wide River to Cross, via me

All Yankee Doodle images via livingstonandporter

To go to Ed Emberley's website, click here
An interesting article about Ed Emberley and his career @ Juxtapoz Magazine

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