I am temporarily without my scanner. We changed our service provider and need to get our computer room put back together. In the meantime let me entertain you with some fish. Random? You bet. To view a post on Brian Wildsmith's Fishes from last February, click here.

To view a post I did on the Golden Treasury of Poetry illustrated by Joan Anglund Walsh, click here.

I don't think whales are considered fish, but hey, they live in the water and have tails and fins. Check this site out for vintage images.

This always happens to me when I'm searching for images, I get off the beaten track (children's books in this case) and find other images. Such was the case with this great painting by Mike Savlen.

Little Black Fish via Shahre Farang

Fish is Fish via BootsnGus


  1. have just discovered discovered your blog, such a beautiful place to enjoy fabulous images, I've got a small but lovely collection of 60s and 70s childrens books that I love so much, I think it's going to be dangerous looking through your archives - I'm going to end up with a very long wishlist! thanks for sharing. :-)

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