The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Illustrated by Arthur Rackham

There's a chill in the air and the time seems right for The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. This classic American story written by Washington Irving in 1820, has been illustrated by many artists. This version was illustrated by the exceptional Arthur Rackham.

I'm not including information about Rackham in this post, but will do it in my next one where I'll be posting another book illustrated by Arthur Rackham. 

Did you ever see Tim Burton's movie version of Sleepy Hollow? I love that movie! Christopher Walken was great as the headless horseman or as called by some, the Galloping Hessian. Don't forget to click on the pics for a larger view.

Ichobad Crane - what a great name for the story!

Ichobad and Katrina

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
By Washington Irving 
Illustrated by Arthur Rackham
Derrydale Books, 1994