Wonders Under the Feet, Mikhail Belomlinsky

I came across an image recently of a foreign vintage children's book on the blog Animalarium that caught my attention. Laura of Animalarium shows so many great images on her blog and also provides many links. This particular image was from a book called Wonders Under The Feet with artwork by Russian illustrator, Mikhail Belomlinksy. I was happy to find the link Laura provided went to a book site that had many scans of the book.

Don't forget to click the image so you can see it much larger. I find it frustrating to come across an intriguing image that has been sized too small. If we're going to look at art or design we need to be able to see it well enough to examine it and appreciate it.

Aren't these illustrations great? I really like Mikhail Belomlinsky's style. Although he has lived in New York since 1989, Belomlinsky was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. To go to his website, click here.

To go to Animalarium, click here.

To go to the link where there are more scans of this book, click here.

Wonders Under the Feet
By Gleb Gorbovsky
Illustrations by Mikhail Belomlinsky

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  1. Thanks for the mention... I am glad that you also love his style!