Wuthering Heights, Fritz Eichenberg

Today's vintage book is not a children's book, (It could certainly be read by a teenager though) but the classic story of Wuthering Heights. I'm showing this book because of the phenomenal wood engravings by the uber talented Fritz Eichenberg.

I won't be straying from my usual format of vintage children's picture books.
However, once in a while I may show something like this, especially if it's an artist who has illustrated children's books.

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  1. Yes! I have this and a matching Jane Eyre that he illustrated. (I was very excited when I found them.)

  2. I have the Jane Eyre book too. I felt that same when I found mine, though it's been awhile, I still remember.

  3. I have always loved these engravings. A friend gave us the Jane Eyre one when my daughter Charlotte was born.

  4. What a nice gift! Fritz Eichenberg was just incredibly talented.

  5. How brilliant!! Thanks so much for sharing these! Such treasures.