Country Crossing, Ted Rand

Today's vintage children's book for your viewing pleasure is Country Crossing. I'm not familiar with the work of Ted Rand, but this book is quite a nice introduction. I love all the night time illustrations - so good. The author, Jim Aylesworth, was a primary grade teacher who learned a lot by reading stories to his students and decided to write children's stories, which launched another career for him.

With the way this book is illustrated, you really need to see the entire page spread. Wish I could have scanned all the pages, there is a nice sequence to them, but I had to pick and choose as it required extra work in photoshop. This book is much wider than it is tall, so my scans are really wide, they'll fill up your screen!  It pains me to make the scans too small - you can't see  the details! So don't forget to click on the pics, so my work is not for naught.

I hope to come across more of Ted Rand's work - he was a great artist. If you would like to read about Ted Rand, click here or here


  1. This was, and still is my favorite book from when I was a child.

  2. My children are in their late 20's and still remember this book. It remains one of their favorites! The musicality of language is so well captured in the verse of this book. I am buying this book for my grandson's first birthday. Definitely a family tradition book as both daughters want their children to experience the joy and fun that they remember with this book! Thank you, Jim Aylesworth for writing it and thank you Ted Rand for your wonderful illustrations!

  3. And Thank You for your comments! It is a wonderful book for children and adults.