Pepito's Story, Eugene Fern

Today's vintage children's book has a good moral about accepting others for who they are. Pepito's Story has some really nice illustrations and is richly imbued with bright colors. Don't forget to click on the pictures. 

Pepito's Story was written and illustrated by Eugene Fern (1920-1987). I was not able to find much about Fern other than he was an artist, writer, professor of art and illustrator of children’s books. Fern wrote and illustrated a number of children’s books.

What a wonderful sentiment and so true!

Pepito's Story
Written and illustrated by Eugene Fern
Ariel Books, New York, 1960

Books by Eugene Fern:

Pepito’s Story, 1960
Lorenzo and Angelina, 1968
The Most Frightened Hero, 1961
Birthday Presents, 1967
What's He Been Up to Now?, 1961
The King Who Was Too Busy, 1966


  1. I am Eugene Fern's daughter. thanks so much for you wonderful review of his book. He was way ahead of his time. I have the original drawings for his book and copies of all his other books if you are ever interested.. Marcia Boston

  2. Joelle. I run a children's theater near Baltimore and would love to adapt Pepito's Story for our audiences. It was one of my wife's favorite books from childhood and is one of our daughters. The book is out of print so the publisher's have not responded to my request. I know your father has passed. I'm wondering if you know who I might approach to ask permission to do an adaptation? jimikinstle@me.com


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