Pets in Vintage Children's Books

Image via TheOldOwl
Drawing Cats by Gladys Emerson Cook

Timid Timothy, illustrated by Gweneira Williams

Image via dimestorechic
Fraidy Cat, illustrated by Barbara Maynard

Image via Art Fire
Goldfish, illustrated by Joy Buba

Image via Etsy seller Kelly
Cocker Spaniel, illustrated by Lucy Dawson

Image via birdhousebooks
The Different Dog, illustrated by Paul Galdone

Illustration by Brian Wildsmith

Image via Quinn M.
From Monsieur Bussy, The Celebrated Hamster, 
Illustrated by Annick Delhumeau

The Big Book of Pets illustrated by Janusz Grabianski


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  2. Have you seen the children's book, Pandora? That kitty is one of my favorites. Its written and illustrated by Clare Turlay Newberry. Harper & Brothers, 1944.

  3. I'm not familiar with that book or illustrator, I'll have to look it up :>)

  4. Whoops - I take that back. After googling it I have seen some of the illustrations before. You're right about the kitten, it is very well illustrated!

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