Martin and Alice Provensen Christmas Cards

I came across these great silk screened Christmas cards by Alice and Martin Provensen on ebay. A successful husband and wife team, Martin and Alice Provensen illustrated many children's books over a long career in their distinctive and popular style. To read about the Provensen's, click here. All images are via ebay seller bview26.


  1. Oh they are just wonderful! I love the Provensen's work so much. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ditto.
    I love these cards so much Jil. Right up my alley. Am going to click link NOW. Thanks x

  3. I have been lolling for these cards for a few years now. I own four of them (two turtle doves, five gold rings, six geese a laying, and eleven pipers piping). Does anyone have any information of anyone selling?

  4. I've only seen them on ebay and they're very expensive.


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