At Water's Edge, Charles Payzant

Today's vintage children's book, At Water's Edge, is from 1955. I really like these types of books where the layout and color scheme change from page to page, with the typography as well as the illustrations. It's creative, interesting and fun.

I have to apologize, this book was about an inch bigger than my scanner for a page spread, so there is a bit cut off, mostly on the right side.

Charles Payzant (1898-1980), was born in Nova Scotia, Canada. According to Sullivan Goss, Payzant worked in a watercolor medium that characterized the California Regionalist Movement in the early 20th century and contributed to innovations that shaped artists working in California at that time. 

To read more about Charles Payzant, click here.

At Water's Edge
By Terry Shannon
Illustrated by Charles Payzant
Sterling Publishing Co., 1955


  1. What a lovely book. This would be good for hours of daydreams. I've always been fascinated by all the magical creatures in tidepools.
    Really, really enjoy your site.

  2. Thank you, I appreciate your comment!