Doggin' It

I am partial to dogs. My dog, Ellie, is a mix of beagle and coonhound. We got
her about 8 years ago through a rescue organization. We chose her over other siblings because she had been named Casey (serendipidity) and she was the runt of the litter. (My personal weakness) She has been a great family dog. But
because she has a double dose of hound dog her nose takes her places and she
has gotten out of our yard more times than I care to count.

image via Ruby Plaza

image via Woof Nanny

image via lrobinson

image via 20thCenturyCool

image via Birdhouse Books

image via dipity

image via Partfaliae

image via Young Readers


  1. I'm partial to dogs too Jil. Our hound Jed (from a shelter like your Ellie) most resembles the pic from Partfalae - maybe that's the reason it's my favourite pic, although I do like that Great Dane on the LGB too.

  2. Love this post! What great dogs!!! I grew up w-them, but currently have couple cats, who will occasionally chase a ball ;) I also love vintage children's books. I'm an illustrator working on some dog stories of my own at moment, very fun, but hard to do well. I'm so glad I found your blog for fun & inspiration from the greats!

  3. Thanks Kylie and Allyn for your comments!