The Lollipop Party, Brinton Turkle

Today's vintage children's book is the Lollipop Party. This story is about a young boy whose mother is late getting home from work and how he waits by himself, being afraid, but also wants to be big.

Brinton Turkle is new to me. I like finding new illustrators and I like his style of drawing. I have to say that the main character, Tomas, could not have been drawn any cuter. The limited color palette with orange ties into the orange lollipop that Tomas gives to his teacher and his mother. Also like the way that the characters are cropped on most of the pages. Very nice mid century book.

If you would like to read about Brinton Turkle, click here.

The Lollipop Party
Story by Ruth A. Sonneborn
Pictures by Brinton Turkle
Scholastic Books, 1973

Other books written and illustrated by Brinton Turkle:

Obadiah the Bold, 1965
The Magic of Millicent Musgrave, 1967
The Fiddler of High Lonesome, 1968
Thy Friend, Obadiah, 1969  (Won a Caldecott Medal of Honor in 1970)
The Sky Dog, 1969
Mooncoin Castle, 1970
The Adventures of Obadiah, 1972
It's Only Arnold, 1973
Deep in the Forest, 1976
Rachel and Obadiah, 1978
Do Not Open, 1981

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