A Farmyard Song, Christopher Manson

Todays vintage children's book, A Farmyard Song, is illustrated with one of my favorite media, woodcuts. Christopher Manson uses traditional hand tools to make his pine woodcuts. After printing, he uses watercolors for his rich color palette. Manson's work is well executed and well respected.

I had a hen and the hen pleased me,
I fed my hen by yonder tree;
Hen goes chimmy-chuck, chimmy chuck,
Cat goes fiddle-i-fee.

A Farmyard Song
An Old Rhyme 
with New Pictures by Christopher Manson
North-South Books, 1992

Some of Christopher Manson's books include: A Farmyard Song (1992), The Tree in the Wood (1993), Over the River and through the Wood (1998), Good King Wenceslas (1994). He has also illustrated books for other authors, including J. Patrick Lewis' Black Swan/White Crow (2007), W. Nikola-Lisa's Till Year's Good End (1997), and Delno C. West and Jean M. West's Uncle Sam and Old Glory (2000).

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