The Little Red Lighthouse And the Great Gray Bridge, Lynd Ward

I found this gem at a library sale this past weekend. Copyright date is 1942, so The Little Red Lighthouse was probably first published then, though this is a softcover. This book is about the building of a bridge across the Hudson River into New York, it parallels the life of a lighthouse who thinks it will no longer be needed. Lynd Ward's illustrations are fantastic. Love the color palette. I'm short on time today, so I will not be doing a bio on Lynd Ward, but will save it for another time when I can do him justice.

The Little Red Lighthouse And the Great Gray Bridge
By Hildegard H. Swift and Lynd Ward
Scholastic Book Services, 1973


  1. The heavy pencils and watercolor look is fantastic. Library sales are a great place to find rare books like this. I got an extremely rare illustrated version of Moby Dick at one a long time ago and it's one of my treasured possessions. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Unfortunately this is not a rare book, since it is a Scholastic softcover from 1973. But I was still happy to find it as I had not seen this book before and I really like the art. Plus these types of books are great for scanning.