Summer seems like a long time away when you're right in the middle of winter in Wisconsin. There are many standard jokes about the weather here - "Don't like the weather in Wisconsin? Stick around, it'll change." or "There are two season's in Wisconsin - winter and construction." But I do love my native Wisconsin. We have so many beautiful trees. I'm quite fond of all the barns that dot the countryside landscape. Although I despise the really cold weather (below zero), the winter landscapes are very lovely. Unlike some people in Wisconsin, I like the months of January and February. It can be a very peaceful time. It's a good time to read, do crafts, take care of projects. It can also be a good time to have a party. 

But I did think of summer today when I came across some pictures I took at the end of last summer. The flowers are from my back yard and the others are from I drive I took out in the country. 


  1. wow- it seems like so long ago that summer was here- I really like that last photo- you live in a beautiful place. Lovely to meet you- I came to you via The Magic Onion.

  2. Thank you Ren, nice to meet you too. And thanks for letting me know where where you found my blog.

  3. Beautifully inspirational pictures, so different to my part of the world. I particularly love the barn.
    Visiting from Magic Onions.

  4. Hi and thank you. Your food blog looks great! Now I'm hungry for fries :>)

  5. A lovely taste of summer, i too love january & February here in Scotland, but it's made all the nicer knowing Summer is on its way.


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