The Train They Call the City of New Orleans, Michael McCurdy

Today's picture book has striking scratchboard illustrations by artist Michael McCurdy. The lyrics from City of New Orleans by folk singer Steve Goodman provide the story (such a great song - so well written). Goodman won a Grammy for the song. A great songwriter was lost when he passed away in 1984. 

Michael McCurdy has had a long and prolific career as an illustrator of children's picture books, doing both scratchboard and wood engraving. He is one of my favorite illustrators. To read more about Michael McCurdy click here. To view a previous post on McCurdy, click here. 

The Train They Call the City of New Orleans
"City of New Orleans" words and music 1970 by Steve Goodman
Illustrations by Michael McCurdy
G.P. Putnam's Sons, 2003

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